What is the Happi App?

Happi is a Health-app that helps you organize several aspects of your HIV-infection in a better and more easy way.
My health
The 4 health goals (therapy effectiveness, medication tolerability, cardiovascular disease and Quality of life) give you more insight in how you are doing. You can also easily see whether there are changing in these parameters.
My medication
A good overview of your medication and it give you the possibility to adjust the intake time of your medication automatically to the time zone in which you are currently travelling.
My appointments
Schedule future hospital appointments and set reminders in preparation of these appointments. You can also record the appointment and later listen to it at home.
My measurements
Easily view your blood values and other measurements taken in the hospital. When there is a connection between Happi and your hospital, these measurements will be automatically loaded into the app.

More information about several different topics like what to do when nauseous or tips when travelling. Also you’ll find a list of all Dutch hospitals that treat HIV-infected patients.

New features Happi v2

Value-Based Healthcare
Here is treatment outcome the starting point for optimisation of patient care. This item can be found under "my health".
Travel algorithm
An additional feature will be the travel algorithm that automatically determines the best adjustment in pill intake time based on a travel schedule when traveling. This item can be found under “my medication”.
Outpatient visit reminder
This functionality reminds patients of an upcoming doctor’s appointment and notifies the patient to prepare for this by measuring weight and blood pressure and look at the medical file. This item can be found under “my consultation”.
For patients
"Happi supports you with your medication intake, and provides sufficient privacy"
Rob - HIV patient
Happi's aim is to constantly improve the care for patients infected with HIV. We are doing so by performing research on anonymized patient data. Your privacy and security of you patient data are guaranteed.
In the videos below, you"ll find more detailed information about this.
User manual
Help with the use of Happi? Check our most frequently asked questions or ask your question via help.happiapp.nl.
Check out our terms and conditions and privacy statement and onboarding information for a link with your hospital.
Help to improve Happi
You can help us to further improve Happi by sharing your experiences, remarks and recommendations via info@happiapp.nl.
For healthcare providers
To help HIV-infected patients get more control over their disease, the  HappiApp foundation has developed an app which is freely downloadable for all HIV-infected patients. The HIV-app Happi helps patients organize different aspects of a HIV-infection..
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