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About Happi

The Health App "Happi" is developed by experienced doctors with the help of patients. Their vision is to promote health by using digital applications to focus on what is still possible instead of going for what is no longer possible.

The Happi app currently offers support for patients with a hiv-infection (Happi Hiv),  chronic skin disease (Happi Skin) and patients with a blood disease (Happi Hematology). Through the HappiApp Foundation, Happi has a network of specialists who provide knowledge to your advantage.

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Our expertise

The Happi app is a disease and patient specific solution developed by experienced doctors with the help of patients.

Happi Skin

Unique about the Happi Skin app is the option to save a photo of your affected skin with a text in the app. You can also set a treatment goal.

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Happi Hiv

Unique about the Happi Hiv app is that it provides insight into how you are doing with the help of sympathetic questionnaires. You will also receive periodic messages from the hiv patient association.

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Happi Hematology

Unique about the Happi Hematology app is that you can prepare for the consultation. In addition, the app offers the possibility to keep track of medication side effects.

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The Happi portal

The Happi portal makes remote care possible by giving care providers insight into the data entered by patients in the Happi app. Unique is that the patient can put together his own care team and allows access to his or her data. The healthcare provider has a simple overview of all patients in the Happi Portal and can easily see which results require attention.

Happi has been developed according to the privacy by design principle, which means that everything we do is based on privacy. Of course Happi complies with all laws and regulations and the app is CE certified.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are the doctors behind the Happi app?

The Happi app is developed by doctors and for patients. For every app there are specialists with substantial knowledge of that disease. For the HIV app, these are Joop Arends and Guido van den Berk, both internist-infectiologists, and for the skin app, Patrick Kemperman, dermatologist. Finally for the Hematology app, these are Wim Terpstra and Evert-Jan de Kruijf, both internist-haematologists. For more information, visit or email us at

How about the privacy in the Happi app?

Happi is developed based on the “privacy by design” principle, which means that in all decisions we make and all items that we develop for the app, protection of privacy is the starting point. In addition, we use the latest and best encryption methods that ensure maximum security of personal data. Click here to see how we handle your data.

Is Happi connected to my patient file in the hospital?

Happi is able to link to existing hospital information systems (HIS). For this we are dependent on the IT department of the hospital and the IT supplier. There is currently a link with EPIC in the OLVG (Amsterdam). We strive to link with interested hospitals as soon as possible.

Is the app also available in other languages?

Yes, in addition to Dutch, the app is currently also available in English and German. Happi recognizes the language on your phone and if it is not Dutch, English or German, Happi will install in English.

The Happi app does not open; what is the problem?

Do you have an Android phone?Then it may be that old Happi data is still stored in the phone. You must first remove this and then download and install Happi again. You can delete old data in the following way:

Open the settings menu and press Apps. Select the app for which you want to delete the settings and data from your phone. Then press Storage and then Manage Storage.You can delete data here by pressing Delete all data.