Order medication?

Our pharmacy team is happy to assist you!

Call or email us with your questions about your medication and how to order it.

All benefits at a glance

No hassle

Happi takes care of your repeat prescriptions so you don't need to worry. We always supply medicines for 3 months.

No uncertainty

Our professional pharmacists (assistants) will call you and inform you in detail about everything you want to know.

Save time

You no longer have to queue at the pharmacy because your medicines will be delivered to your home for free, when it suits you.

Secure and reliable

The Happi app is made by doctors together with patient (associations) and uses the best protections available for apps.

1. Select your medication

Make sure your medication is entered in the Happi app under "My medication". You can enter medication by scanning the barcode of your medication box. Or you can look up your medicine in the official Dutch list of medicines.

By pressing the + button, you add medicines to your order.

Do you want to order a different amount of tablets? Then adjust the number if necessary.

Then press the "continue to info" button to check your order.

2. Check your details

Here you will find the address details to which your medication will be sent. You can adjust this by clicking on the pencil.

We ask you to scan your ID card in your Happi profile. This is legally necessary to make sure that you are the one who ordered the medication. We encrypt all your data so that it is always safe.

Then press the "continue to order overview" button to check your order.

3. Send your order

Here you can see an overview of your order and how it will be delivered.

Then press the "confirm order" button to send your order to our pharmacy.

On the overview screen, under "order status", you can follow when your medication is sent.

Extra in the Happi Skin app

At the bottom of the page you will find additional skin products that can be ordered in addition to the medication without a prescription.

These are products from LaRoche-Posay and Drsleenarts such as care creams, shampoos and sunscreen spray.

These are not reimbursed by the health insurance. You will receive a payment link from us after you have received the products.

How does it work for  prescribers?

Patient orders medication via Happi

The pharmacy receives the details of the patient and contacts the patient for verification. The pharmacy also maintains contact with the prescriber about medication safety.

Send the prescription to the Happi partner pharmacy

Happi Hiv:
Koninginne apotheek Amsterdam
Fax: 0208912729
digital: 500055035@lms.lifeline.nl
Happi Skin/ Liver/ Hematology:
Service Apotheek Meerpolder
fax: 010-5110269
digital: AP009888@ccse.ezorg.nl