Happi Skin

The all-in-1 app that provides you as a patient the opportunity to take control over your disease and health. From setting a personal treatment goal to monitoring your health; from photographing your affected skin to measuring your quality of life. In this way, the Happi Skin app supports you and your care team as much as possible in your treatment.

Personal health goals

The 3 health goals (disease activity, health monitor and quality of life) give you more insight in how you are doing. You can also easily see whether there are changes in these parameters.

Set a treatment goal

Thinking about your treatment goal enables you to optimize your treatment together with your practitioner. The Happi app helps you to set this treatment goal with the help of a sympathetic conversation.

Health monitor

Easily determine your mental and physical health with this ladder in order to live the life you want to live within the limits of your possibilities

What else does Happi do?

My questionnaires

For patients with psoriasis, here is a simple questionnaire that screens for the possible presence of psoriatic arthritis. For other skin diseases, specific questionnaires will be published here in the future.

My medication

Provides an overview of your medication and the possibility to automatically adjust your intake time of your skin medication to the time zone in which you are traveling.

My consultations

Offers the possibility to store outpatient appointments and set automatic reminders in preparation for the consultation. You can also record the consultation and listen back at home later.


Provides information about various skin conditions. There is also information about hormone ointments and you will find a list of all hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands where you can be treated.

"A great tool to provide insight into what I am experiencing myself."

Suzanne - skin patient

How does it work?


Download the Happi app from one of the app stores and install it on you phone.

Set your goals

With the help of specific health goals, you can quickly understand how you are doing.

Connect you physician

Via the Happi portal, your care team can remotely view the results in the Happi app and thus support you in your treatment.

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Download the app

Download the app and take control over your health