Happi Liver

The all-in-1 app gives the opportunity to take control over improvement of your health with regard to fatty liver disease (NAFLD). By recording the calories you eat and the number of steps you walk, you gain insight into your lifestyle. This gives you more control over how you can adjust your diet and exercise pattern to improve your body weight and liver health. With the background information you can be more aware of your health and the role that the liver plays in it. In addition, you can easily order your medicines via the app (only in the Netherlands), which will be delivered to your home for free. In this way, the Happi Lever app supports you as much as possible to live a healthy life.

Personal health goals

Shows the 4 health goals: healthy diet, healthy exercise, disease activity and quality of life. This will give you insight into how you are doing. Simply set your realistic goals and see if you meet them.

Healthy nutrition

Fill in your meals and snacks per day, after which Happi simply displays the total number of calories per week in relation to your calculated required amount. Happi helps you to reduce calories in a healthy way in order to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy exercise

Fill in your exercise goal and give Happi permission to retrieve your exercise data from the Apple Health, Google Fit or Samsung Health app. Happi simply indicates whether you are achieving your goal.

What else does Happi do?

My messages

Receive messages about scientific studies in which you participate or news from the patient association. You will also stay informed of the developments surrounding the Happi app via the Happi news.

My consultation

Prepare for the consultation with your practitioner and think about what you want to discuss. The Happi Liver app helps you with this by going through all topics in a simple way.

Mijn medication

Provides an overview of the medication you are taking. Simply order your medicines via the app and they will be delivered to your home for free (only in the Netherlands). Happi will also arrange the prescription with your healthcare provider.


Extensive information is given about the role of the liver and what the consequences are of fatty liver in the development to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). There is also information about lifestyle with regard to a healthy diet and exercise with the aim of achieving a healthy weight and reducing fatty liver.

All-in-1 app that together with the portal makes remote care possible

How does it work?


Download the Happi app from one of the app stores and install it on you phone.

Set your goals

With the help of specific health goals, you can quickly understand how you are doing.

Connect you physician

Via the Happi portal, your care team can remotely view the results in the Happi app and thus support you in your treatment.

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Download the app

Download the app and take control over your health